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Never-Neverland Productions

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Buying a computer? Beware!
Company Policy
Crytozoological Society
Connor Picts
Alice n Wonderland
Ring Around the Rosy
The Brothers Grimm
Mother Goose
Ronald Dahl
Old Grant Proposal
China Child Abuse
Puppet Exercises
Bukuka Puppet Design
Raggedy Ann
Wayang Golek
Peter Pan
Children's Theater Classification
Adults should see puppets?
Article: Magic Kingdoms
Lion Cut
Breast Cancer
Theater, 14 years old and in Piqua
Children's Theater moved to summer
Ohio and Education
In Memory of Mr. Rogers
Shakespeare & Old West
Puppetry in Art
Book & Movie Critiques


Welcome to the Archives
My name is Mr.Gooble I am the keeper of Arcane knowledge. In my Archives are article and pictures of things you might not know or never dared to ask.

If you want to submit articles just email them to Fraganard. His email address is down at the bottom of this page.


"...Thanks for your site. It's reassuring to see the arts, drama, and education being promoted as an important and intellectual vocation.  Keep it up!"  : )  Lara Quealey


New Articles:

Wayang Golek puppets

Ragedy Ann - a bit of information.

Alice n Wonderland, Peter Pan - has been added to with more scholarly information and documentation.

note: if you have more information please send it to Fraganard.

Frosty Snowman
, Rudolf, Santa Claus, Twas the Night, Halloween History, Ground Hog Day, Easter, May Day, Saint Patrick's Day, Saint Valentines Day, Pagan Holidays

Crytozoological Society
, Faerie, Dragons, Pookia

Alice n Wonderland, Ring Around the Rosy, The Brothers Grimm, Mother Goose, Ronald Dahl, Raggedy Ann, Peter Pan

Censorship, Article- Magic Kingdoms, Conflicts, Company Policy, Buying a computer? Beware!, China Child Abuse

Mask, Marionette, Puppet Exercises, Bukuka Puppet Design, Wayang Golek, Children's Theater Classification, Adults should see puppets?


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