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Buying a computer? Beware!



Beware Buying a New Computer

By: Matthew Williams

Yankee Traders
The computer industry is a buyer-beware market. The rules and regulations to protect consumers have not caught up with the new innovations in computers. Here are a few things to be aware of and to protect yourself from. I worked for a computer manufacture and some of the lies and fraud they did was working for devils. For you sell out a part of your life for an illusion that complicates and is crap. Here is how to avoid devils.

Why would you pay for something that cost as much as a car and not buy it with the same scrutiny as you would with a car.

Rule 1 - You get what you pay for.

If the deal is great there is a reason it is great. The computer industry is there to make money they donít give anything away for free. The predictions of profits were greater than what has actually happened and the industry has become cut throat. Computer prices came down and to be competitive they have had to do things that are not in the best interest of the buyer. Look at all the computer manufactures that have gone under.

A. Cheap computers are cheap. Look at the motherboard and where it is manufactured. Many of the motherboards in cheap systems are made in Taiwan or Mexico or some other technically impaired nation. These motherboards are low quality and have the greatest number of problems. These systems are proned to locking up.
B. Discontinued Hardware. Some hardware is problematic and the company that is saddled with faulty hardware will for a discount sell off the parts as is. This saving is passed on to you. Again, if itís not the industry standard on the price then youíre getting an inferior system.
C. Rebuilt computers. Someone had major problems with the systems they were producing and went under. Someone bought the inferior systems and fixed them. Someone didnít tell you where your computer or parts came from. Computer companies when they go under sell all the stock for nothing prices. Sometimes you get good product mostly you do not. There was a reason the company went under.

Rule 2 - Counting on your Stupidity

The CEO of the company I worked for was heard to say ďThere will always be enough first time buyersĒ. The devils of the computer industry counts on your stupidity of computer systems especially:

You have only one month to return the system if there is problems. They count on you not being able to figure out what is wrong in a month. If something is wrong return it IMMEDIATELY. If one thing major is wrong most likely more things are wrong too.
Avoid restocking fee. This is a form of fraud. If their product sucks and you donít want it. You shouldnít have to pay to restock it for some other person to be defrauded or trade the product for another inferior product.
Know how to use a computer before you buy one. Most first time buyers say, ďI bought a computer so I could learn how to use one.Ē The devils prey upon this.
1.They sell you hardware that sporadically works, that you simply donít need. The company I worked for sent out cordless mice with the product they sold. The mice used AA batteries. They used a lot of batteries and more batteries. They went through them like water.
2. Keyboards with special keys cause program problems and locks up the system regularly soaking up your ram memory.
3. If you put software on your system it puts little icons on the bottom right side corner of the desktop. Those icons are programs running. Those programs running all the time cause system slow downs and lockups. Some are necessary but most are not. You have to go into selective startup and change the settings. This is really easy but this is where they get you. This doesnít usually happen in the first month but after months of use. ďIím sorry it is past your warrantee period. Would you like our paid support? Only $50 per an hour.Ē Or they will shift responsibility back to the Microsoft because that is an error in the operating system. Microsoft will charge you even more for the problem. A problem that should not even be there, set up to trap the ignorant.
4. Know how to burn CD-ROMs. There can be some serious things wrong with your CDRW but since you donít know how to burn they can blow you off till after the 1month mark. Their attitude is ďWe are not here to train you. We are only here to determine the problem and to fix it.Ē
5. DVD Drives are not true DVD. Yes they will play DVDs but the quality is low. The only reason to watch DVDs over VHS is the quality of picture. (Maybe the extras too.) DVD players are as low as $100 dollars and give a superior quality of picture. The DVD drives are not true DVD they are faster CD drives with the capability to read DVD. I can understand people watching DVD on laptops in transit but just to watch it on computer because you can is silly. The technology still has a way to go before TV and Computers will be merged. We are experiences the first stages of that merger.
6. Not all software works on computer or is loaded (you have to load it and you are responsible with system problems that the load may generate.)
7. If your modem does work you will be bounced around as to who is responsible for it not working.

Rule 3 - Strangling Distance.

Buy from someone, which is close enough to hurt if they rip you off. Some people buy computers on the Television. Would you buy a car as is from the Television? No you would take it for a test drive. You would buy it from a dealer. You would find out the reputation of the dealer. You would have the car checked out by another mechanic.

Who is going to repair your computer? If something is wrong you have to pay shipping for repairs. They may lie to you and say they will pay it. If you donít have it writing the deal does not exist. Things break on computers. They are delicate pieces of machinery. Someday you will have to replace things. Most Warrantees have unbendable time limits find out what is covered. This is very important! Some companies that offer a 5year warranty are usually a limited warranty. It may just cover only the motherboard or only the CPU and does not cover man made problems or lightning strike.

The thinking of the industry is: The sooner your warranty runs out, the more the profit they have made. Most of the cost in your system is the cost for replacing your parts. Parts arenít tested till your system is put together and if they have a faulty quality check. I know of a customer who received a system missing a floppy drive. The space was empty. Not plate to cover the empty gapping hole just an empty space. The company who did these claims a 100% quality check with so many points of being checked.

Rule 4 - Awards mean nothing.

Awards given to companies are many times a lie. The main company owns the magazine or the organization that gives the award. They may sell a crap product but they can give themselves an air of legitimacy by saying so-and-so says itís the best product on the market. You can check the web for anti-(computer manufacturer) websites of angry customers who bought the computer from that company and other dissatisfied customers have also sent complaints.

Rule 5 - When a lot of money is involved. Fraud is common.

When money in $1000 dollar mark changes hands dishonesty is common.

The devils count on you to be too tired, to stupid, and too weak to make sure they do right by you. If only one out of a million does a lawsuit and the company makes good to that one who files a lawsuit so they only get what they paid for. They come out on top still. They donít loose any money. They rip enough people off to still have large profits. If you donít want hardship. If you donít want to have to go threw a lawsuit. AVOID THEM.

Rule 6 - Company Computer, if it is important and going to make you money buy the best!

I had on the phone a customer who was crying because they had bought the computer so they could run their home business. They had one problem after another and had lost business. The computer company is not held responsible by law of loss of business or loss of data. You want a way to back up data to protect yourself from your computer dying. The customer had bought an inferior system for the purpose. They thought they were saving money and getting more and they did get more. More heartache, more hardship, more anger, more problems, more functions than what they needed for their business. Buy what you need not glamour, bells and whistles.

Be aware and careful. Just because Joe down the road didn't have a problem with a computer company doesn't mean you won't. Go with one with a very good reputation and a good return policy if it is not working unless you are a computer programmer and can rebuild your own system. Good luck.


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