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May Day



May Day

May Day began as a Spring festival long ago. People gathered together on the first day of May to celebrate the coming of Summer. There are a lot of different customs that have been a part of May Day festivities.

Some people would gather flowers and put them by their doors and windows to keep out troublesome fairies.

Some people would put out their old hearth fires and gather with the people in their village to start a new fire to take home.

Cutting down a tree and putting up a Maypole in the middle of a village is another popular custom. Ribbons are attached to the tree and are woven together by dancers.

One more popular custom is filling May Baskets with flowers and other goodies to give to friends and loved ones.

Some people still celebrate the pagan festival of Beltaine on the first of May. Many of the old customs are part of this celebration.


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