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Old Grant Proposal



This was my first write up for a Grant and my wish list.

Mad Matt Productions


Children’s theater program done with association of Edison Community College and Edison Stagelight Players. The children’s theater would run year around. The children’s theater will be producing plot modified fairy tales for children empowerment.


In therapy for children abuse victims there are children fairy tales and play therapy which are used to have the child interpret their own experience with less threatening non-realistic related themes. This goes beyond the defense systems of the child and into the subconscious of the child. These stories are used to teach the children for disclosure (it’s Ok to tell.), modifying unhealthy behavior, empowering the child. The worst thing about abuse is the child’s feeling of disempowerment.

The object is to re-empower the abused and other minor abuses like verbal abuse. The heroes: Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Jack and the Bean Stalk, etc, solve their own problems and have wisdom to pass on to the children on how to deal with it. These are fairy tales for the real world.

Children will respond in variances of ranges according to their life experience. A child perfectly healthy with no life trauma will be entertained and have fun. Children with life trauma will still have fun but it will mean something else to them. Children in trauma are usually drawn to stories that are about their life experience.

Also on another level, other issues are also addressed in the plots. Simple plots of Good vs. Evil or good always wins are not used. The bad guy is bad because of unresolved issues which maybe similar to real life bad guys, who never see themselves as such. Love confession without reason is also discouraged. Two meeting each other kiss and go off to be married is a common social misconception which lead to the high rate of teenage pregnancy and destructive relationships in this region. Another social misconception is non-communication between adults and inability to communicate. The effort is to change unhealthy behaviors, empower and show there are other options.

These plays will be done in an entertaining way with out becoming preachy with special effects, dramatic devices and puppets.

The actors are students at Edison, and tryouts will be open to the public. Skill and dependability will be the primary qualifications for a part. High School students will be encouraged to tryout for a role.


There is a demand in this area for performances for the Elementary Schools. We will perform at all the Elementary Schools in the Edison Charter area of Miami, Shelby and Darke Counties. We will also be performing during summer vacation for civic groups and organizations, libraries and malls. Presenting to the community at large.

We will have two major Children’s Theater productions a year and One Semi- Adult performance.

The Semi-Adult performance will be a production like “The Crucible” or “Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory” or “The Wizard of Oz”.

All Performances pushed to the artistic and theatrical limits of those involved.

Every Child who sees our show gets a button that reads “Every Girl is a Princess” / “Every Boy is a Prince”


Flash Powder - $45.00

Flash Pot - $50.00

Super Bubble Machine - $199.00

2 gal of mix - $40.00

Re-Fan “Wind” Fan - $1995.00

3,450 rpm concentrated 6’blast

Black Light - $65.00

UV water based tempera paint - $12.00

Invisible UV crayons - $5.00

(2) UL pinspots

Heavy duty motor

12” mirror ball - $165.00

Foam (for puppets) - $400.00

Strobe light - $50.00

Paper Mache - $45.00

Cloth (for Customes) - $400.00

Misc. - $300.00

Mailing Cost - $300.00

Make-up/ Prosthetics -$ 200.00

Brochures/ Programs - $300.00

Website with Domain - $500.00

(Mad Matt

Buttons for each child

Button Maker - $200.00

Button Materials - $150.00

Dr. Bob’s Original Compositions -

Full-time Director/ Art Director - $12,000.00



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