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Ring Around the Rosy



Ring Around the Rosy 
was a chant to ward off evil spirits during the plague of Europe.  

"Ring around the Rosy."
Dance in the magical ring comes from the faerie dance rings and the dancing around sacred trees. The circle is a magical form. The Rosy is what happens to a person who dies from bubonic plague. The person goes into convulsions and bleeds from pours. The face becomes flush. It was not a pleasant death.

"Pocket full of Posies"
This is a charm to ward of evil.

"Ashes, Ashes we all fall down."
The bodies were disposed by burning. and the all fall down has two meanings. Falling down is death. we all fall down is also the end of the cantation. 

    I like this because it is an introduction to death. Death is a reality that we can not keep from children without doing so to their peril. We will not always live. Not everyone a child comes into contact with will live forever. There is an inperminance that the sooner they accept and understand. Death is not an easy thing, especially the death of a loved one. We accept the reality that we are given. If death is apart of that reality then it just is. 
     The real truth in protecting children from knowing death is our own inability to accept death. The beauty of our moment. Like a flower beautiful and luminescent, but tomorrow gone back from the dust it came from. 
    Children don't realize or think about this indoctrination into death because it is sugar coated and simple.

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