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Breast Cancer



Argument of Breast Cancer

I do advocate a persons right to die but only in cases when a person is on their death bed crying out in pain; muscle dystrophy where the person is lifeless in bed and is just awaiting the time for their breathing to fail; and Alzheimer's where the victim has lost any semblance of self; where there are no periods of any clarity and they are reduced to babies unable to walk just waiting for death. In the above cases the cruelty of life is greater than the cruelty of life.  The person in question has known of their breast Cancer and has done nothing to treat it. She holds to the decision and will most likely die. I believe her logic flawed and have tried to convince her of it because of the loss that will be created by her untimely death. I am posting this to get feed back and to create a dialog for something that has to be dwelt with. My family has a history of Breast Cancer so this issue is near and dear to me.


The Person with Cancer in question:


I know you are concerned.  I know my decision seems like the wrong one.  I can not explain why I have the peace I do about my decision.  The Doctors all said something different.  You say, they say, they do not know what kind of cancer, then what did they actually find out other than it is cancer when they did the biopsy?  There has been a lot of research done since I made my decision.  They are saying now by the time it shows up in a mammogram it is already too late.  Too many people just go along and say what ever you say doc.  I could have made the decision to do what the Doctors want, but for me I see death in what they do. 

For me as a Christian I agree with Paul that to die is gain.  I know that because I have a Savior , he chose to die on the cross for my sins.  I know that I am a sinner saved by Grace.  I know that He, Christ said I go to prepare a place for you.  I know that at anytime He could say it is time.  I know a love greater than any man can give.  I know that love because the Lord opened my eyes to see this love.  I am not the greatest example, yet I know that He chose me.  Don't look at me for perfect ness because I am still not complete in my human state.  I can not explain the wonders of it.  I know that you do not have to teach a child to be bad, you do have to teach a child to be good.  I choose to believe the Bible.  I can not say I follow it the way I should.  I see it as total truth.  I know you have knowledge of many faiths.  In the beginning God did what?   He is the Alfa and the Omega the beginning and the end.  Jesus is a Jew in every since of the word.  The Jews are hated why?  Could it be because they are the elect.  This world is not perfect because of "Sin".  Christ made a way.  With out His perfect sacrifice I deserve Hell, but because of His Love for all, I choose eternal life. Matt,  You are very intelligent.  I know you will go far.  This earth is temporal this life here on earth is temporal and only what is done for Christ will last. 

Thank you for your love and concern.  I see Christ in your caring for me. If I could live just so I could see the boys grow up to become wonderful men I would.  You know that even for you there is not a sure thing.  I slept well and I hope you did too. For me if I chose the Dr's way it is death, worse than the death that I may have to endure. I know you don't agree and I am sorry.  This is just the way I see my position. 



My Position:

 If I was going to die and it maybe a painful and lingering death and there was only a one percent chance of life. I would take my odds with that one percent chance even if that 99% would mean a quick death. A death from Chemo and Radiation is preferable to a death by Cancer. Cancer raps around internal organs, pierces organs causing pain, uses up resources in the body making one tired. It is a difference of dieing on ones knees or taking action and dieing in a valiant effort.

"I don't want to be butchered":
A wolf in a trap it will gnaw it's own foot off so that it could escape.  It would better to loose one part of the body than to loose the whole thing. "If thy eye offend they pluck it out. For it is better than one body member is lost than the whole body to damnation and hell fire." 
What is a breast? Is it worth death? I understand not wanting to cut things off. I don't like giving blood because I feel I'm giving up a piece of myself. If you truly believe in God then you also believe that the body is but a vessel that we travel in. That piece you are giving up is not you but a piece of your clothes. 

My Situation:
 I had a bone tumor if I hadn't had it removed it could destroyed my entire leg. I could had lost my foot. It would better to loose the foot than my entire skeleton. 
My mother had breast cancer. She would had been dead in a year the Cancer was that progressive. Because she sought treatment. She knows my two sons. She knows her grandsons. She is there for here daughter and sons. She was able to help her brother with the burial of her mother. She has been able to watch her children to grow up. All things she would miss if she had gone into denial and did nothing. I am proud of her. It was very hard, almost impossible but her bravery and persistence even though it was not what she wanted to do has made her a hero to me. 

Recent Events:
I remember September 11th when people had a choice to die a fiery death or fall to their death. Some people had a choice and jumped. They took matters into their own hands. They were going to die but hitting the ground is instantious while burning to death is said to be one of the most painful death unless it is complete instant incineration. If you are going to die either way as you claim. Is not better to take matters into your own hands. 

Shadow Lands:
Cancer usually is a long drawn out death. I remember for the book "Shadow Lands" an autobiographical work by C.S. Lewis (Chronicals of Narinia). In Shadow Lands he falls in love with a friend that he marries so she can stay in the country. He lives a year of love with her until she is found to have Cancer. She dies from the Cancer in agony over the period of days. She leaves C.S. Lewis with her two surviving sons. This is before the higher success rates in fighting cancer. She was going to die. There was nothing she could do. But now you have a choice. 

One of my favorite plays is "Wit" it is about a College teacher who gets Cancer and goes through the treatments and it is from her perspective. Doctors who don't seem to really understand. Treatments that slowly kill her and her witty remarks about her human condition. Cancer is hard. Treatments are hard. Sometimes we loose but sometimes we win. How great is that one victory. And the possibility for victory increases every day. 

The Choice:
You are going to suffer either way, it is the path of the Hero, are you going to go out quietly are you going to rage against the dieing of the light. Are you going to say NO! or will you fade and die. Your posterity do not not remember cowards.
They remember Heroes. Your children's children will talk of how you battled with Cancer not how you won or lost with reverence. They will use you as an example of strength. Otherwise you will become a story of "If only she had caught it soon enough and started treatments..."

I do not believe that we were put on this earth to give up when something unpleasant comes.   I lost all my belief when I was on my Mission. I was heavily medicated for depression with some experimental drugs. It's so nice when a church lets a physiatrist to use you as a guinea pig. The drugs so warped reality that it called into question my ability to perceive. If chemicals could so easily warp it. My feeling the holy spirit could be nothing more than a chemical in the body. Certainly explains all the confusion over religion and love. When I stopped believing in myself and the ability to discern reality. What I gained was logic.

First observation: If there is no God it does not make any difference what I believe because when I die I am dead. If I believe in God in a kind way that is good, the world is a better place for everyone. If there is a God or some other similar greater reality then there would metaphors manifest in existence. 
Second Observation: Christian thought has been that this reality that we are in is unreal. I think it is interesting how we have Family units, Male and female partners, life and death cycles, consumption of food to live, expansion of knowledge allows greater ability to control factors in nature, Society and increased populations, The Greater Reality manifest in every  day life. Why would we think that heaven would be so much different than an advanced culture of what we have here.
Third Observation: I observed that people were in patterns of behavior and that they would suffer if they don't change. A woman gets beat up by boy friend after boy friend until she changes what it is inside of herself that allows her to be attractive to men who will beat her. A man who does drugs declines. Abuse is passed on to generation to generation till one generation stands up and brakes the cycle. This can be true about a great many negative behaviors. Positive thinking brings positive results while negative thinking brings negative results. We have the ability to shape our lives and the results are because of our choices. There are factors that we cannot control but the way respond is our control. 

When I realized the order with in the Chaos I believed in God again. There is order with in this problem. You have been given something massive to overcome. If you make the right choices you maybe victorious. We are Heroes or Victims with the choices that we make.

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