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Never-Neverland Productions

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Christmas Carol




Story by: Charles Dickens
Adapted by: Matthew Williams  

A Christmas Carol Cast List

Ghost:                   Jacob Marley                             -Morgan Harter

                        Ghost 1, Ghost of Christmas Past   -Victoria Wilver

                  Ghost 2, Ghost of Christmas Present  - Ashley Hughes

                    Ghost 3, Ghost of Christmas Future     - Ashley Hughes


Ebenezer Scrooge                                          -William Foster

                                                                             -Michael Stallard

Nephew Fred – Son of Scrooge’s sister            -Puppet Taylor

Bob Cratchit – poor underpaid clerk of Scrooge’s          -Josh Zumberger


Gentle man 1, James                                             -Ann Imke

Gentle man 2, Edward                                           -Riane Googeg


Past:           4 little children                                             -All

Little Fan –           Scrooge’s sister            -Tori Tullis

                    Young boy version of Scrooge                 -Braydon Googeg

Fezziwig –Scrooge’s former employer    -Elizabeth Foster

Richard Wilkins –Scrooge’s work associate-Sarah Steinbrunner

Belle-              Scrooge’s lover                    -Ann Imke


Present:   Mrs. Cratchit                                    -Elizabeth Foster

                    Tiny Tim Cratchit                                  -Braydon Googeg

                    Martha Cratchit                                  -Riane Googeg

                    Belinda Cratchit                                  -Ann Imke

                    Peter Cratchit                                    -Tori Tullis

Child Cratchit 1                                     -Emily Imke

Child Cratchit 2                                     -Kathryn Imke


Emily - Niece, Wife to Nephew Fred          -Raine Googeg


Future:  (3) businessmen (Women)            -Haley Steinbrunner

                                                                             -Elizabeth Foster

                                                                             -Sarah Steinbrunner

                    Old Joe                                           -Puppet Wilber Possum

                    Washer woman                               -Elizabeth Foster

                    Old woman                                      -Morgan Harter

                    Happy couple: Jack & Jill              -Puppet Jake

                                                                            -Puppet Porsha

No Ghost were harmed in the performing of this play.

Press Release

For Immediate Release.

A Christmas Carol

A Children’s play “A Christmas Carol” tryouts at Edison Community College. Nov. 18 and 19 at 5pm –7pm in room 313. Based on the writings of Charles Dickens. Need Children able to read. All ages needed to fill a cast of 20 parts. Some puppets will be used. All are welcome to tryout. Practices will be Nov. 25, 26 and  Dec. 2, 3, 9,10,16, 17 at 5-7 p.m. 
Performances: Dec. 20 performance at 7 p.m., Dec. 21 performance at 10 a.m.

Edison Community College
1973 Edison Dr.
Piqua, Ohio 45356

1-800-922-3722 ask for the office of Kathy Clifton


To Contact the Director:

Matthew Williams
(937) 778-3687


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