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Never-Neverland Productions

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Dragon Friends Club



Be a Dragon Friend Today!

Hi I am Fraganard.

 I am the President of the Dragon Friendship Club.

Dragons have been given a bad rap as the big bad guy. The truth is that like people some are good, some are bad, some are indifferent.

You wouldn't like us judging you humans by  Adolph Hitler or Jeffery Dommer. And you shouldn't judge us by our bad guys.
Just cause Tiamat is in the Bible as being a bad guy doesn't mean I am.

Yes I am a dragon and I want to be your friend. Yep-yep-yep!

Here are some banners so you can say "I am a friend to Dragons!"
So by helping me get my message out there you are being my friend.
You are helping dissolve the bigotry and ignorance
that smears mine and other dragon kind's reputation.

email me and I will write you back and be your email pal.

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