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Never-Neverland Productions

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Never-Neverland Productions- Edison






The children's theater  started to be a part of the Acting I class at Edison Community College. It's first production was Cinderella, Cinderella. The Director Matthew Williams was in this production as Prince Charming. Matt didn't come to be Director till January of 1999 with "Sleeping Beauty". Matt took the Directing Shakespeare class one of his class assignments was to direct a scene from "Hamlet". The bedroom scene where Hamlet is particularly cruel to his mother and slays Palonius. He Artistically Directed the children's show "Rapunzel". Dorcus Parson was the main Director. That was his first use of puppets. Snake puppets that came out into the audience.
The Children's Theater under Matthew became known as "Never-Neverland Productions". The name was chosen to represent the spirit of youth and faerie wisdom. He wanted a Production company name that would follow him on what ever he worked on.
The theater was dubbed "Edi the Snowman Theatre" because of the problems with use of space at Edison. Some days we would have the theater and some days we would not. The term "Here today gone tomorrow" was coined. Plus Edi Snowman is close to Edison. Oh they are so clever! (snicker ,snicker.)

In January of 2000 most of our actors were elementary age. Piqua High School had tryouts for "Annie" and when children from Piqua Catholic showed up for the tryouts they were told that they could not participate or even tryout because they were not in Piqua City Schools. Many children were disappointed. One the mothers, Mrs. Gusching, asked if her children could tryout for the Children's Theater. We have had an open door policy ever since the founding of the theater. This was a turning point, ever since it has been children's productions performed by mostly children for children. 

In the Summer of 2000, Matthew and Ginger got married in the play "Reviving Cinderella" much like my hero Kermit the Frog and Miss Piggy. All were invited to the wedding. Even Matt's long lost friend Chicky. 

The Theater Productions continue on. They allow Matt to experiment and to grow as a director. "I learn everything that can go wrong and I also learn what not to do. This has been a chance to create something unique and special in our community. I have made mistakes but If I hadn't been allowed to make those mistakes this wouldn't be. "

Time Line - Productions at Edison
Spring of 1999 "Sleeping Beauty"
Fall of 1999 "How to Pick a Princess"
Spring of 2000 "RumpleStiltskin"
Summer of 2000 "Reviving Cinderella" (The Wedding)
Fall of 2000 "Reviving Cinderella"
Spring of 2001 "Hansel and Gretal"
Fall of 2001 "The Princess and the Three Task"
Spring of 2002 "The Monkey King"
Fall of 2002 "A Christmas Carol"

To see pictures and the actors just click on : Past Productions

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