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Never-Neverland Productions

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Hansel & Gretal



Hansel & Gretal

Narrator -Wilber Possum

Directed by: Matthew Williams


Matthew Gusching

Sara Hines

Margaret Warner


Elizabeth Engle

Madison Husa

Theresa Warner


Gino Howard

Michael Scheib

Wicked Step-Mommas:

Jenni Hill

Sarah Ann Lewis

Jami Williams

Night Hags:

Cathy Riffle

Sarah Anne Lewis

Jami Williams


Sarah Anne Lewis

Jami Williams

Storm Maidens:

Morgan Kiamy

Jaime Gusching

MacKenzie Husa

Stage Crew

Matt Engle
Lights & Sound: Rachel Currie



We thank all parents for their dedication with transportation, working with your children and bringing them into the world so they could do this production. They are SuperStars!

Special Thanks to:
Edison Community College
Edison's Art Department, Anne Vaccaro (none of this would be possible without her. Mediocracy would eat me alive.)
College Coordinator - Cathy Clifton
Library and Visual Equipment - Becky Telford, Chuck Jones

Special Consultant: Sam Newbury (Producer of Mr. Roger's Neighborhood)

This Fairie Tale is a work of fiction, Names, characters, places, and incidents either are products of historical significance or are used ficticiously. Any resemblances to actual persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.

We have nothing against Step-mothers as long as they are not wicked. Most Step-mothers are very nice and pleasant and don't leave children in the woods or not let them go to dance balls. We acknowledge that being a step-mother doesn't constitute wickedness but on the contrary, nothing is as noble as being a parent to a child.

No Night Hag's were harmed in the making of this production. We would like to remind you to be nice to witches. Not all are bad or want to turn children into gingerbread. Being turned into a frog isn't so bad as long as you can find a princess to kiss you. Most curses can be lifted with a kiss so witches aren't constituted as a threat.

No birds were mistreated or feed yucky bread off the floor in the making of this production.

Copyright 2001 Mad Matt Productions

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