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We're back and more powerful than ever!

A fun filled artistic experience awaits your child!

Give the gift of the imagination: Discovery, 
Imagination,  Exploration, 
and Experience

Current Productions:

Directing & Producing: Sidney High School's Musical "Fiddler on the Roof"

Shelby County's Coalition Against Domestic Abuse Puppet Show 



Workshop pictures:  Workshops
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 Peter Pan, Peter Pan


I am sorry that I didn't take any pictures of Sleeping Beauty. 
I was having problems with my camera.  If anyone has some I will post them.



New Historical Page added: Shakespeare & Old West

What theater in this area for young children?: Theater, 14 years old and in Piqua

Local Activities

Feb 28, 2004 @ 2pm     Just So Stories
                                                Theatreworks performs animal stories with puppets.
                                                Gateway Arts, Sidney 937-498-ARTS

May 8, 2004 @ 2pm       The Big Adventures of Stuart Little
                                                Gateway Arts, Sidney 937-498-ARTS

Not So Local Activities

SAT., JAN 10                    The True Story of the Three Little Pigs by A. Wolf (featuring the Paul Mesner Puppets)--Rosenthal Next Generation Series at the Playhouse in the Park 10:30am and 2pm.  Tix: ages 4-18 $4, adults $5.  Mr. Wolf tells the real tale of the three little houses and the pigs who lived in them.  For tix: or 513-421-3888 

SAT., JAN. 24                    The Wizard of Oz (featuring the Frisch Marionettes)--Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra Party of Half Note 10-11:30am.  Tix: $8.  Frank Baum's beloved tale.  For reservations: 513-248-0622 

JAN. 24, 25, 31; FEB. 1:  Thumbelina (featuring Madcap Puppets)--Cincinnati Art Museum 1pm and 3pm.  Tix: $7 children, $9 adults.  Hans Christians Andersons classic tale.  For tix/info: 513-721-ARTS.

 SAT., JAN. 31:                 Animan (featuring Larry Hunt of Masque Theatre)--Rosenthal Next Generation Series at the Playhouse in the Park 10:30am and 2pm.  Tix: ages 4-18 $4, adults $5.  A dazzling mask, music, and movement theatre performance.  For tix: or 513-421-3888

SAT., JAN. 31:                 Masked Marvels and Wondertales (featuring Michael Cooper)--Raymond Walters College ArtRageous Saturdays, 11am and 2pmTix: $3. Larger-than-life handcrafted masks and original stories.  For tix: 513-745-5600 or 

*Please do post to the Cincinnati Area Puppetry Guild newsgroup (you should all be members--if not, let us know!) if you plan to attend a certain day/time--we'll car pool, go to lunch, make a party of it, etc.!  Send e-mail to

Sat. the 17th at 1pm at St. Peter's United Church of Christ (6120 Ridge Road in Pleasant Ridge).                                                  Guild meeting. See you there!

For directions: Cultural Centers

"Matt Williams, of Never-Neverland Productions, returns as an instructor to pass on his love of theater to children. He works with the children during the first four class days in preparation for the Saturday performance that friends and family are invited to attend. His class fees are per session with each session being five days. The fee includes all materials. Matt also offers a variety of evening art project classes that coordinate with the theatrical productions. These classes are listed in Hayner's Events flyer coming out right after the holidays."
-Troy-Hayner Cultural Center

Troy-Hayner Cultural Center

Bring your Princes and Princesses. Get that girl a slipper.  We will go over some basics of acting and then have tryouts and casting for a Cinderella skit. This is the French Version that most people commonly know as the story, similar to the Disney Version. 
January 20-24 @ 10am-noon
Cost: $35

Sleeping Beauty
Bring your Princes and Princesses. We will go over some basics of acting and then have tryouts and casting for a Sleeping Beauty skit. This is based on the Grimm Bros. Version. 
February 3-7 @ 10am-noon
Cost: $35

Art Project: Paper Flowers For Valentines Day
Laotian Origami Tulips
Learn how to make an origami tullip that you have to blow-up like a balloon.
February 11 @ 8pm-9pm
Cost: $ 5.00

Peter Pan
Exerts from the original script by M. Barrie. We learn the language and the story of the original children's play of Peter Pan which was latter adapted in book form. 
March 2-6 @ 10am-noon
Cost: $35

Faerie Tale
Based on the Cottingham Faerie Pictures
The story of Faerie Pictures that caused the Victorian Faerie Movement. Two young girls one who has lost her older brother to childhood illness and the other whose father is off to war take pictures of faeries with a single reflex camera.  These faerie pictures touch off the Victorian Faerie Movement  which brought such men as  Sir  Walter Scott  writer of Sherlock Holmes  to say the pictures were authentic and wrote an entire book dedicated to Faeries. The great escape artist, Harry Houdini investigated and came to the conclusion that their was no malicious deception here. 
March 16-20 @ 10am-noon
Cost: $35

Art Project: Leprechaun Trap
Constructing a Trap for catching real Leprechauns!
Bring a shoe box.
March 17 @ 8pm-9pm
Cost: $10

Basic Puppetry
Puppets come to your Cultural Center to sing and dance. Will learn basic puppetry, lip-sync, and breathing techniques. Learn how to put life into limp inanimate objects.
Bring in your favorite vocal CD and Kitchen Utensil (Nothing Sharp).

First day: Kitchen Utensils can talk.
Second day: Socko sings opera.
Third day: Hand and Mouth puppets have life.
Fourth Day: Work on the show.
Then on Saturday we will perform and show family and friends what we have been working on. 
April 20-24 @ 10am-noon
Cost: $35

Art Project: Building a Flying Pofinenhimer
Making a Puppet
We will have various materials to use to make a fluffy poofinhimer, the only problem is, we don't know exactly what one is! Come and find out!
April 21 @ 7pm-9pm
Cost: $20

Art Project: Wanga Golemn
Making a Puppet
What's a Wanga Golemn? They're puppets from the Indoneian Island of Bali. Students will create rod puppets with dowl rods and fabric and participate in Hindu storytelling. 
April 22 @ 7pm-9pm
Cost: $25

Art Project: Gingerbread Men
Making a Puppet
We will cut out and "frost" our own gingerbread man, then stuff him and make a rod puppet out of him. 
April 28 @ 6:30pm-9pm
Cost: $15

Bring your Millerís Daughter and short little man.  We will go over some basics of acting and then have tryouts and casting for a RumpleStiltskin skit.
May 25-29 @10am-noon
Cost: $35

Art Project: Make a Miniature Stage
Students will create a miniature play theater that can be used with cutout dolls or small finger puppets by using scissors and glue to create the theater.
May 26 @ 7-8pm
Cost: $25

For descriptions of classes click on  Workshops

Comfort Inn Snowman Theater (Sidney, Ohio)
Ages 5 and older
$35 per student


For descriptions of classes click on  Workshops

Domestic Violence Prevention Coalition
Horrible Hank
Domestic Violence Coalition Pictures
Shelby County's Coalition Against Domestic Violence

The Show visits childcares in Shelby County 
Performed by the JVS Childcare Development - Teacher Louise Hill  
9:30am show

Getting ready for next season.

More information will be provided when available.
For more information you can contact:
Louise Hill, JVS Early Childhood Development Director  937-778-1980 x223
Dave McKay, Administrator of  the Coalition,  937-498-4593

Note: If your child care would like one of these shows. We can arrange a visit.

History of Performa

***** color means the show is pending now.

March 2001 - Piped Piper of Hamlin - Gateway
August 2002 - Sleeping Beauty - Troy-Hayner
August 2002 - Basic Puppetry - Troy-Hayner
August 2002 - Cinderella - Troy-Hayner
September 2002 -Basic Puppetry - Early Childhood Development Center (Juniors), JVS, Piqua
October 2002 - Let's Do a Play: Cinderella - Gateway
October 2002 - The Princess and the Three Task - Troy-Hayner
November 2002 - Three Little Pigs - Troy-Hayner
December 2002 - Basic Puppetry - Early Childhood Development Center (Seniors), JVS, Piqua
January 2003 - Cinderella - Troy-Hayner
February 2003 - Rapunzel - Troy-Hayner
March 2003 - Jackie and the Beanstalk - Troy-Hayner
Oct, Nov 2003 - Basic Puppetry - Early Childhood Development Center (Juniors), JVS, Piqua

To see pictures and the actors just click on: Workshops

Gallery Shows
Aug1996- June 1997  Worked, gallery videos and Docent at  Edison Art Gallery

Summer of 2000 - "Never-Neverland" - Edison Art Gallery

Nov2001 - Edison Art Gallery Video "Art in Costume"

April 2002 - Docent at Gateway's Spring Fling Gallery Showing

February 2003 - Funguys, Mr. Punch, Judy, His Little Bit of Stuff and Enemies - "Puppetry and Art Show" -  Edison Art Gallery
February 2003 - Docent at Edison Art's Gallery "Puppetry and Art Show" 

April 2003 - Docent at Gateway's Spring Fling Gallery Showing

Oct 2003 - Edison Art Gallery Video "*"

Other Performances
December 1998,1999 - Located Santa - Ymca Childcare, Piqua
December 1999 - Located Santa - Korean Adoption Agency
June 1999 - Curious Monkey - Edison's Spring Fling
January 2000 - Mr. Mouse for Coty Burger's Funeral 

Summer of 2000 "Reviving Cinderella" (The Wedding) Got Married!!!
audience of 521

Coalition 2000-2002 show. Helped write and  produce "A Very Berry Mess"

November 2001 - Child Tours of Gateway Arts Gallery Show, Sidney
December 2001 - Located Santa - JVS Early Childhood Development, Piqua 
December 2001 - Located Santa - Christmas Readers Theater, Edison, Piqua

Coalition 2002 -  Helped write and  produce "Horrible Hank"

May 2002 - Mr. Mouse - Memorial Day Parade, Piqua 
March 2002 - Childcare Show "Chick lost at the Mall" and "Taylor and the Boogie Man"
June 2002 - Favorite Hill Elementary School - Puppet Show "Safety Dance."
December 2002 - Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints: Children's Christmas Party - Balloon Animals.
December 2002 - JVS Childcare - Puppet Show "Christmas Show" (2 shows)
December 2002 - Shelby County Sheriff Dept. Christmas Party - Puppet Show "Christmas Show"
December 2002 - Jackson Center, Plastipak Christmas Party - Puppet Show "Christmas Show"

April 2003 Puppet Slam, Cincinnati Puppetry Guild. "Paradise Lost" an adult puppet show. 
April 2003 "It's OK To Be Me", Puppet show with Brighter Futures. Dayton Ohio.
May 2003 Taste of the Arts, Street performer. Balloon Animals.
Oct 2003 Halloween Party in Kettering Ohio

Coalition 2003 - Present Show. Rewrote and produced "Horrible Hank"

Dec 2003 - Children's Christmas Puppet Show (JVS Childcare, 4 year-olds)
Dec 2003 - Children's Christmas Puppet Show (JVS Childcare, 5 year-olds)

Dec 2003 - Children's Christmas Puppet Show & Santa Claus (LaQuinta Inn, Piqua)
Jan 2004 - 

Summer Camps
1999 Troy-Hayner Cultural Center "Mask Making and Trouble Dolls"
2001 Gateway Art's Kidz Camp,  "Journey to the West"
2003 Gateway Arts "Mask, Puppets and Acting" workshop.

October 1996, 1998 Organizer of "Halloween Bash" 
1996 Art Festival at Edison
1998 Founder of Edison Arts (student organization) and Designer of it's Logo
1998 Organizer of the  Edison Arts Festival.
1998 Organizer of the first Edison Dance "Mardie Graw"<sic> since ancient times
1998 Organizer of the Edison Arts Float the was in the Strawberry Festival Parade.
1999 Organizer of the Never-Neverland Productions Strawberry Festival Parade entry.  

Productions at Edison
Spring of 1999 "Sleeping Beauty" audience of 650
Fall of 1999 "How to Pick a Princess" audience of 820
Spring of 2000 "RumpleStiltskin" audience of 965
Summer of 2000 "Reviving Cinderella" (The Wedding) Got Married!!! 
audience of 521
Fall of 2000 "Reviving Cinderella" audience of 325
Spring of 2001 "Hansel and Gretal" audience of 925
Fall of 2001 "The Princess and the Three Task" audience of 423
Spring of 2002 "The Monkey King" audience of 265
Fall of 2002 - "A Christmas Carol." audience of 120

Edison program cancelled. March of 2003
To see pictures and the actors just click on : Past Productions

Productions at Sidney High School
Fall of 2003 - The Musical "Fiddler on the Roof"



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Director, Matthew Williams

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