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Matt's Resume



Matthew Williams
Matt with best friend Chicky         Narrator-Matt

Matthew Williams



I am a college student presently attending  Edison Community College for an Associate in  Commercial Arts and Theater. 4 more classes and I will have my Commercial Art Degree. Two more a Theater.  I am a 8year Associate degree person with 125 credit hours. The class that I took that didn't go towards my degree are Public Art, 3-D Animation, Digital Video,  Voice 1.

 4 year of Seminary Graduate

Eagle Scout

Member of the Cincinnati Puppetry Guild

Member of the Shelby County's Coalition Against Domestic Violence
Helped set up touring puppet show, on the committee that writes the scripts.





Worked in Childcare for 3 years

 Directed Children's Theater at Edison
6 years

The Cameo Theater - Sound and Light person for Gateway Arts Council in Sidney Ohio
5 years


Edison Acting Credits:
Three Penny Opera - Mr. Smith (It was the worst play I was ever in but we had the best parties)
Cinderella, Cinderella - Prince Charming
Romeo & Juliet - Mercusio
Hamlet - Horatio
Much-a-do About Nothing - The Evil Don Jon
Lend Me A Tenor - Costumes, Props, Painted Set
Missing Rigolletto : Dr. Bob's Musical - Special Effect, Video animations
Art Director "Rapunzel"
Co- Directed "Sleeping Beauty"
Sleeping Beauty - Sound, Lighting, Video, Playwright, Costumes
Merchant of Venice - Light Setup
Mac Beth - Light Designer, Light Setup
Twelfth Night - Light Designer, Light Setup
2001 Reader's Theater Christmas Show - Santa Claus

Other Credits at Edison:
Founder of Edison Arts (student organization) and Designer of it's Logo
Organizer of the 1998 Edison Arts Festival.
Organizer of the first Edison Dance "Mardie Graw" since ancient times
Organizer of the 1998 Edison Arts Float the was in the Strawberry Festival Parade.
Organizer of the 1999 Never-Neverland Productions Strawberry Festival Parade entry.

Clark State Credits: 1999-2000
Waiting for Godot - Building, assembling, and dismantling set. Ran Light board for productions.
Edgar Alan Poe - Was personal assistant to John Austin (played Gomez Addams on the TV sitcom). Ironed his clothes, got him his veggie-sub from subway, etc.etc.
Miracle Worker - Building sets, Sound
Fiddler on the Roof - Unload, Set-up, Props
Ebony Fashion Show - Set-up, Spotlight
Mad Cap's Production of The Golden Goose - Set-up, Take-down, Lighting
Children's Theater "Stewart Little" - Set pieces
A Funny Thing Happened on The Way to The Forum - Set-up, Take-down, Load out (This was the NY touring production with Rip Taylor)

Productions at Edison as Director of Children’s Theater:
Spring of 1999 "Sleeping Beauty" audience of 650
Fall of 1999 "How to Pick a Princess" audience of 820
Spring of 2000 "RumpleStiltskin" audience of 965
Summer of 2000 "Reviving Cinderella" (The Wedding) audience of 521
Fall of 2000 "Reviving Cinderella" audience of 325
Spring of 2001 "Hansel and Gretal" audience of 925  
Fall of 2001 "The Princess and the Three Task" audience of 423
Spring of 2002 "The Monkey King" audience of 265
Fall of 2002 - "A Christmas Carol." audience of 120

March 2001 - Piped Piper of Hamlin - Gateway
August 2002 - Sleeping Beauty - Troy-Hayner
August 2002 - Basic Puppetry - Troy-Hayner
August 2002 - Cinderella - Troy-Hayner
September 2002 -Basic Puppetry - Early Childhood Development Center (Juniors), JVS, Piqua
October 2002 - Let's Do a Play: Cinderella - Gateway
October 2002 - The Princess and the Three Task - Troy-Hayner
November 2002 - Three Little Pigs - Troy-Hayner
December 2002 - Basic Puppetry - Early Childhood Development Center (Seniors), JVS, Piqua
January 2003 - Cinderella - Troy-Hayner
February 2003 - Rapunzel - Troy-Hayner
March 2003 - Jackie and the Beanstalk - Troy-Hayner
April 2003 - The Gingerbread Man - Troy-Hayner

Gallery Shows:
Aug1996- June 1997  Worked, gallery videos and Docent at  Edison Art Gallery
Summer of 2000 - "Never-Neverland" - Edison Art Gallery
April 2002 - Docent at Gateway's Spring Fling Gallery Showing
February 2003 - Funguys, Mr. Punch, Judy, His Little Bit of Stuff and Enemies - "Puppetry and Art Show" -  Edison Art Gallery
February 2003 - Docent at Edison Art's Gallery "Puppetry and Art Show" 
April 2003 - Docent at Gateway's Spring Fling Gallery Showing

Other Performances:
Dec 1998,1999 - Located Santa - Ymca Childcare, Piqua  
Dec 1999 - Located Santa - Korean Adoption Agency, Kettering
June 1999 - Curious Monkey - Edison's Spring Fling
Jan 2000 - Mr. Mouse for Coty Burger's Funeral, Piqua 

Coalition 2000-2002 show. Helped write and  produce "A Very Berry Mess"

Nov 2001 - Child Tours of Gateway Arts Gallery Show, Sidney
Dec 2001 - Located Santa - JVS Early Childhood Development, Piqua 
Dec 2001 - Located Santa - Christmas Readers Theater, Edison, Piqua

Coalition 2002 - Present show. Helped write and  produce "Horrible Hank"
Presently in Production.

May 2002 - Mr. Mouse - Memorial Day Parade, Piqua 
March 2002 - Childcare Show "Chick lost at the Mall" and "Taylor and the Boogie Man"
June 2002 - Favorite Hill Elementary School - Puppet Show "Safety Dance."
December 2002 - Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints: Children's Christmas Party - Balloon Animals.
December 2002 - JVS Childcare - Puppet Show "Christmas Show" (2 shows)
December 2002 - Shelby County Sheriff Dept. Christmas Party - Puppet Show "Christmas Show"
December 2002 - Jackson Center, Plastipak Christmas Party - Puppet Show "Christmas Show"

April 2003 Puppet Slam, Cincinnati Puppetry Guild. "Paradise Lost" an adult puppet show. 
April 2003 "It's OK To Be Me", Puppet show with Brighter Futures. Dayton Ohio.

 Summer Camps:
1999 Troy-Hayner Cultural Center "Mask Making and Trouble Dolls"
2001 Gateway Art's Kidz Camp,  "Journey to the West"


Work History:

Sept 1997-Present   Director of Children’s Theater, Edison Community College, Piqua, Ohio

Contact Name: Anne Vaccaro, Director of the Art Dept. or Cathy Clifton, executive assistant. (937) 778-3687


Sept 2000- Present  Night Auditor/ Desk Clerk, Knights Inn, Troy, Ohio

                                    Contact Name: Debra Oostra, General Manager (937) 339-1515


July 1998-Sept 2000            Night Auditor/Manager, Ramada Limited, Piqua, Ohio

Contact Name:          Ginger Musser, Front Desk Manager (937) 778-3687

                                    Nancy Wise, Front Desk Clerk (937) 778-1832

                                    Pam Reineke, Head of Housekeeping (937) 448-6477


Aug1999-July 2000  Childcare Worker, YMCA, Piqua, Ohio

Responsibilities: Watching kindergarten age children and planning activities. Each of my children received mayor award with service hours for community service.

Contact Name: JoAnne Williams, Administrative Assistant (937) 440-9622


Sept1999-Present    Lights and Sound Man, Cameo Theater, Gateway Arts Council, Sidney, Ohio

Responsibilities: Once a month I do set up for the show, take down for the show, light and sound at the Cameo.

Contact Name: Patricia Ann Speelman, Director of Gateway Arts (937) 498-2787


Aug1996- June 1997            Workstudy, Edison Community College, Art Department, Piqua, Ohio

Responsibilities: I worked under Anne Vaccaro, Director of the Art Department at Edison. I was her executive assistant. I helped set up the art gallery, produce art gallery videos and help in the organizing and planning school art activities like the 1996 Art Festival at Edison.

Contact Name: Anne Vaccaro (937) 778-8600



DOS, Window 3.11, Windows NT, Windows 95, Mac, Windows Me

Desktop Publishing - PageMaker, Quark Express, PhotoShop, Illustrator, Corel Draw 6-8.0, Microsoft Family, Painter 4.0

Computer Sound Technologies – Sound Forge, Acid 2.0, Theater Sound Techniques

Internet Technologies - Front Page, GIF Animation

Linear Analog Video Production

Digital Video Production – Premiere, Truespace 2.0, Rotoscoping in PhotoShop

Theater Technologies – Light, Sound, Stagecraft, Directing Shakespeare, Acting, Puppeteer

Photography - Photography 1&2, digital photography, Photoshop (digital manipulation) 


Can be trusted: No criminal history, No drugs, No smoking, Non-Alcohol, On the Shelby County Coalition Against Domestic Violence, Seminary Graduate, of Character, Against Physical and Sexual Abuse. 

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