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Never-Neverland Productions

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Cruelity to Fairies
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Mattology (matt al' a je) n. pl -gies

1. The study of myths and their reality. 2.A traditional story serving to explain some phenomenon, custom, etc. that wants to be made true. 3. Any fictitious story, person, or thing that is real.

Mattology Sanctuary
Here at the Mattology Sanctuary we try to preserve the other endangered species. The ones that have been hunted for the last 2000 years. I have a magical closet with a bubble quasi-reality in it. In basic terms: There is an enchanted forest in it. I have many dragons, faye, nooks, boogies, goblyn, unicorns, pooka, talking animals and gnomes living in it. There is always room for more. This secret garden protects these critters from those who would wish to harm and even exploit. Those that are in our Never - Never Land Productions are in our productions by choice and sometimes even ask to be written into the play. Fairies in particular love theater and are always disappointed that we don't have more parts for them. If you know of any Mattology or if you are one that needs a home email me.


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