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Never-Neverland Productions

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Monkey King



Monkey King

Cast List

Monkey King                      Danielle Barnhart


Jade Emperor                          Kyle Aungst

Demon of Havoc


Quan Lee                                 

Patriarch Subodhi                           Heather Barnhart


Buddha                                  Pattie Walling


Dragon King



Woodcutter                                Curtis Heberle

Faerie Boy

Stable Boy



Monkey 1                                 Samantha Branthey

Death 2


Monkey 2                                 Zach Cooper


Monkey 3                                 Jubalilia


Monkey 4                                 Dylan Maggert


Monkey 5                                 Victoria Wilver



Erh-lang                                    Chris Crabtree

Death 1

One of the Disciples               

Trout Captain  

No Dragons, Monkeys, Demons of Havoc, Storms or any other Mattological creature was hurt or maimed in the making of this production.


>Just wanted to get an idea of the scheduled dates of the performances of the Monkey King before bringing in my daughter for auditions. Could you provide? Thanks!!!!

Good Question. I just got a confirmation back from the school for the dates. Practices every Tuesday and Wednesday from 4-6pm. These practices will be till May 1st. Performances will be May 3rd at 6pm, May 4th at 3pm and May 11th at 3pm. If we have a great show with lots of turn out we may have more performance dates but we will discuss if we can do it.
Thank you for your interest.




Press Release
For Immediate Release

Edison Community College’s Children’s Theater: Never-Neverland Productions
Announcing tryouts for “The Monkey King”, February 12th and 13th, at 4pm-6pm.
Tryouts will be held in the small theater at Edison Community College. Open to all ages. Only requirement is literacy. The play is based on the Asian folk story by same name.

Need people to be: drum player, actors, puppeteers, sets, lights and sound. Different than Christian puppeteering. Players will have multiple roles and be able to help in the construction of the show. Matthew Williams, the director, is doing something he has never done before inspired by the Chinese Opera in an effort to push the envelope of past productions.

For information call director at 778-3687 or Edison at (937) 778-8600 or email at

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