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Theater, 14 years old and in Piqua



Theater, 14 years old, in Piqua Ohio


My name is xxxxxx And I was wondering if you could tell me what to do to get into this stuff and getting roles in the plays. If you could please e-mail me some information on plays that are looking for actors. I’m 14 years old. My e-mail is  …




My Response:

If I was 14 years old again and knowing what I know now these would be my options in this area. I will give you some of my Retrospection.


The Attributes:

  1. Take Voice and Dance (of some form) Taking voice will give you many more options in theater and will cultivate your use of your voice. Voice is one of your most powerful tools in Theater and Voice would teach you projection and range. Dance would help you be less awkward and familiar with your body. This help in knowing your range in use of body. Many people think you just memorize words and then repeat them on a stage. An actor has many options in how to present words. A truly good actor has a range of movement, voice, emotion that he uses and makes choices to use or not use. These two classes would give you an advantage over anyone else and in a limited field such as theater you need advantages.
  2. Being there and being present is the most important thing. Actors arrive late or not at all have no future in it. A directors time is precious to him and it angers him if he waste what little energy he has worrying over actors. Being present is also important. Actors will goof around or make jokes. They will be negative or not invest themselves completely and totally to the work. They need to give their all, be ready and giving their full to the practices. Practices are important. Practices make is so you are so prepared for the show all you have to do is show up. You Practice as if you are doing the show every time. If you do this during show time you will have nothing to be nervous about because you know what you are doing.
  3. There is no such thing as a bit part. There is only small people not small parts. Every character has motivations and personality quirks. I have seen bit parts steal the show. Again it comes down to the choices for the character and how he is played.
  4. Become so engrossed in play that you close your eyes that is all you see. Drink it. Eat it. Read it over and over again. You will know it. The sooner you memorize a play the more time you have to learn to act it. You will add to yourself and it will be forever a part of you.
  5. Commitment. I have had actors commit to a play but have to go to work during a dress rehearsal. I knew of an actor who didn’t come to a practice to be with a girl – It was more important to spend time with his future wife than to keep to the commitments that he had made. He was cut from the show. Commitment is a question of character.

I look back to George Washington and Benedict Arnold. Both heroes of the Revolutionary War but one is considered father of our country and the other a traitor. Things were bad during the Revolutionary War: Congress didn’t pay the soldiers, People were promoted in the military because of who they knew not because of what they had done, It was cold, muddy and bloody. The difference between these two men is commitment. George Washington, No matter how bad it got he kept the course and felt that his course was helped by providence and he had faith. Benedict Arnold changed directions. He suffered greatly for his previous commitment and left it. All he had invested was gone because of his choice.

  1. Don’t take “NO” for an answer. If someone says no just change directions eventually you will make it to your destination.

One of my favorite quotes comes from the first person to cross the Antarctica. He had a motto “With persistence I will conquer.”

  1. You can’t make money doing that! Maybe  you’ll have a relative make fun of you or tell you that you can’t do it for a living. If you get good enough you can do almost anything for a living. I knew of a person who throws fish for living. He does performances of it. If he can make money doing that then how much easier it is for us who have a little song and dance. The most successful people are those that did something they love and took it beyond the regular everyday.
  2. Don’t give up. People give up when someone tells them they are no good or are over critical of their work. Just remember that those who are the most critical usually don’t do what they are criticizing for a living. Most critics are wantabe losers so who cares what they have to say.
  3. I’ll add more if I think of more.


Local Opportunities: (Close to far away)

The more productions you do the better you get and the more aware you became. 

Local Opportunities (Close to far away)

The more productions you do the better you get and the more aware you became. I will add to this section latter.

    1. Never-Neverland Productions
      Always in talking of opportunities you list yourself: Shameless self promotion. Never-Neverland my own productions company: I do workshops at Troy-Hayner, Gateway Arts and Edison Community College.
      I list everything on my webpage:
    2. Edison Community College
      Edison used to have open tryouts to everyone in the community. They did one Shakespeare, one adult production and two children’s theaters a year. Some of the children that were in the Children’s Theater would be in the Shakespeare. Sadly, this has been confined to one summer production. The summer Production is going to be a children’s theater musical. Done by Never-Neverland Productions.
    3. Piqua’s Community Theater
      Piqua Players is organization that has open tryouts and if you have the above attributes you can secure yourself in productions there. My understanding of the organization is that it is troubled in political turmoil. I have known of times when people have been given parts not because of quality of work or consistency but because whose family they are from.
    4. Piqua, Sidney Catholic Public Schools
      They do a musical every year. This year they are doing “Wizard of Oz”. If you go to Catholic Public Schools you can tryout. They do a very good job they have some professional people who makes costumes and props for the productions. They have great personal resources.  They practice and perform at Lehman’s High School.
    5. Barn in the Park (Troy, Oh)
      The Troy Community College has had more prestige. Some of the people involved do this as a profession in Dayton, Ohio. I have known of people who were a part of the Theater at Edison, went there and got professional jobs in Dayton. There is some attempt at excellence there.
    6. Troy Hayner Cultural Center (Troy, Oh)
      I do workshops here. They also have other theater-related workshops here.
    7. Gateway Arts (Sidney, Oh)
      I do workshops here. They have the Cameo Theater and Patti Speelman, who had worked for a professional playhouse in New York, has a series of professional shows. It would profit to see their shows. To volunteer to help set up or in other ways. 937-498-ARTS
    8. Dance Company (Sidney, Oh)
      A professional dancer started a dance company in Sidney, Ohio. They just got done doing “Sleeping Beauty”. You can take ballet with this company. I know men don’t do ballet but what is more manly than lifting beautiful, tone, skinny women. Much more manly than wrestling or football where you grab other men. Ballet would give you all the physical attributes that would help you in theater + cute girls.  
    9. Muse Machine (Dayton, Oh)
      Dayton was seeing a decline in the arts so to rescue it they created a program for children, so they were involved in the arts. They created Muse Machine. If you contact the Victoria Theater in Dayton they can give you information concerning Muse Machine if your school doesn’t have a chapter of it. They produce one/two productions a year. You are trained by professional theater directors and production people.
    10. Dance and Things / Shakespeare and Company (Englewood, Oh)
      The company is Dance and Things they sell dance equipment and materials. They also have a dance program and they do a Shakespeare program. They  charge money to be in the production but they give you a Shakespeare workshop and you are a part of a professional Shakespeare production. They also do some children’s theater. I went to one of their productions when they did several different versions of Cinderella. They performed it in a park.

I haven’t listed anything else because I think these are far enough. Yellow Springs has a nice children’s theater. Dayton has a lot of other things that go on and if I hear of anything child specific I will add it to my list. 




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