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Never-Neverland Productions

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Special Shows

Puppet Slam Show


Puppet Shows

A Unique Theater Experience with Educational and Cultural Values for Young People.

Our shows are fully interactive with audience participation and performing. The two advantages to children’s theater over movies and television.

·         One, children’s theater is a new art form with no set boundaries and limitless opportunities for imaginary play. In Monkey King, a puppet flies on his cloud over the audience members.

·         Second, movies and television are passive while our productions are active and instead of just watching something, you can be a part of the story. Children are drawn in and have endless fun. Children from the audience can play the 3 Little Pigs on stage or be dancing faeries with wings.

Let us design a show using our characters for some subject you are educating on.


Balloon Animals


Mascot outfits


Children's Games and Songs

Paper Flowers

Face Painting

Children's Music Conducting


Can be trusted: No criminal history, No drugs, No smoking, Non-Alcohol, On the Shelby County Coalition Against Domestic Violence, Seminary Graduate (Mormon), of Character, Against Physical and Sexual Abuse.

Character Visitations

Critically acclaimed child performer, Matthew Williams does  Mr. Mouse, Curious Monkey. He also knows how to contact Santa Claus. He has quality costumes and becomes the character.

Santa - Ymca Childcare, Piqua 1998,1999
Santa - Korean Adoption Agency 1999
Curious Monkey - Edison's Spring Fling 1999
Mr. Mouse for Coty Burger's Funeral 2000

Santa - JVS Early Childhood Development, Piqua 2001
Santa - Christmas Readers Theater, Edison, Piqua 2001    
Mr. Mouse - Memorial Day Parade, Piqua 2002 


"Simply Magical" Ymca Childcare

"...Thank you for bringing my son's dream to him. I can't put my heart on paper but you turned a tragedy into triumph for Coty!(and Jim and I)..." Kristie Burger


Children's Christmas Puppet Show
We can come to your school, pre-school, childcare, company Christmas party and perform a Christmas puppet show that has interactive elements which make the children viewers and participants in the show. They get to decorate a talking tree, sing chicken Christmas carols, and dance with frosty the snowman. It also goes over the history of Christmas. 
During the week $45 with a group of 10-45
Weekend parties $200 
We are well worth it.


Santa Visit
Santa will come to your school or event and is very jolly unlike Santa representatives that are demure and looking unhappy to be there. This Santa is like the literary Santa, the real Santa and he is overjoyed to see your youngsters. We are glad to distribute prepared treats or just to have the children sit on Santa's lap and tell him their Christmas wishes. Santa will sing Christmas Carols with the children and talk of his reindeer or do balloon reindeer. He also will do home visits.
Cost is $25 for an hour. More time is negotiable. 
That pays for lodging and milk and cookies for the jolly old elf. 

If you want to set up digital picture taking we can set up with extra cost. (Gotta pay a photographer)

Why rent a suit so you can have someone play Santa when you can have Santa.

I am a safe, a good performer, and cheaper than renting the costume from the rental place. 
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