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Never-Neverland Productions

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How to Pick a Princess




Fall Production of 1999

How to Pick a Princess

November 5, 6, 12,13 at 10am and 6pm
November 7, 14 at 2:30pm

Special Shows for Schools and Childcares
November 9,16, 18 at 9am and 2pm

What happens when Prince Charming has to choose between the three Princesses that he has rescued Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella, and Snow White. He has trouble deciding and goes for a walk in the enchanted woods where the Big Bad Wolf attacks him. Just when he is about to be lunch he is rescued by Little Red Riding Hood and Prince Charming decides that she is "the ONE" he is going to marry. But "Red", her nickname wants to go to Paris to become a fashion designer designing a new line of riding hoods. Prince Charming Can't understand "Doesn't everyone want to marry a prince?"

Edison Community College
EDI Snowman Theater
Tickets: $3 adults/ $2 students/ $1 children

Mad Matt - Director



Cast List:

Prince Charming - Brian Swineheart

Little Red Riding Hood, Red - Krysten Schietz

Edward the Pig - Ginger Matthews

B.B.Wolf - Matthew Williams

Queen Preeminence - Amanda Joseph

Cinderella - Renee Jones

Sleeping Beauty - Sadie Bowman

Lights and Sound - Patrick Gleason
Jami Williams


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