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Never-Neverland Productions

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Summer Production of Reviving Cinderella

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Reviving Cinderella
Written and Directed by: Matthew Williams

Reviving Cinderella
The Summer Production of 2000

Announcing the marriage of Matthew Williams and Ginger Musser who will be married in the play.

"Never - Neverland Productions" a division of The Edison's Children's Theater company will present the interactive children's tale "Reviving Cinderella".
What happens to Cinderella after she goes to the palace to marry him. What does she do when she discovers that she has nothing in common with him. Cinderella discovers what Love really is and before that she discovers herself.

Reviving Cinderella
for more information, pictures and to read how it turned out look at the top of the page and click on "The News" section at the top of the page. "The News" also has newspaper clippings.

"Wedding Pictures" "Performance Pictures" "Cast List" have pictures from The Event.



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