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Testimonials for  Never-Neverland Productions


"New to Hayner's summer class schedule was a series of art and theater classes taught by Matt Williams. These classes proved to be very popular with students and parents alike. The bonus of his class structure is that family and friends get to participate by attending the weekend performances. Matt has a wonderful way of introducing his love of theater to children of all ages..." - Troy-Hayner Cultural Center in advertising home school classes 2002

"This is a wonderful thing that you are doing for the community and for humanity..." Mayor Jenkins of Troy, Ohio at The Wedding in "Reviving Cinderella July 29,2000

"We really enjoy being able to be apart of the plays." - Mrs. Gusching

"RumpleStiltskin was a good way to spend the afternoon. I loved dancing w/ the other faeries." - Joy Wills, employee at Susie's Big Dipper (Age 17)

"After seeing Sleeping Beauty my girls went home and watched the Disney movie of it several times, they loved it." - Chip Hare

"Thank-you Matt, for letting me be 'The Jester'. I find I really like acting and I will be trying out next quarter." - Michael Gusching

"Great job - you have a lot of patience + artistic ability. We'll keep track of the productions there at Edison...." - Laura, Katie (LHS), Meredith (Piqua Jr. High), Julia, Isaac Hales {RumpleStilskin}

"My daughter really enjoyed being asked onto stage as a fairy, wings, tiara, wand and all." - Kathy Alexander {RumpleStilskin}

"A really cute production by talented young people for the young at heart." - Karen Husa, Childcare Choices {RumpleStiltskin}

"It was great to see the kids excitement. My family and I truly enjoyed the play and the audience involvement" - Dr. Alan Gusching DDS., Orthodontist. {RumpleStiltskin}


"Great Show! Kept the Children engaged. Thoroughly enjoyed by young and old alike! - Mrs. Vogel, ECEC JVS Preschool Teacher. ( Christmas Show)

"He gets even the quietest and shyest child to interact" - Louis Hill, JVS Instructor of Early Childhood and Care: Director of Toddlers and Three year olds.( Christmas Show)

"...Thanks for your site. It's reassuring to see the arts, drama, and education being promoted as an important and intellectual vocation.  Keep it up!" 
 : )  Lara Quealey, High School Teacher.

"...Last year I watched 20 children stand up and lisp all of those difficult lines from Dickins' Christmas Carol. I had expected a children's version of an adult play, but here were 8 to 12 year olds performing as adults. Their pride in their performance was obvious, even though there were bumbles, and goofs, and forgotten lines. They were actors, and they were almost as delighted as their parents and siblings in the audience. ..." 
-Cathy Essinger, Associate Professor of English, ECC
B.A.,Bowling Green State University; M.A.,Wright State University (Christmas Carol 2002)

“I take great pleasure in writing a letter of personal recommendation for Matt Williams, Producer of Never-Neverland Productions. Matt has become a tremendous asset to our domestic violence prevention program. He volunteered to assist us with the development of a puppet show for preschool children to teach them about making good choices in conflict and to avoid violence. From the beginning Matt was our most valuable asset in this production. He helped write the plays to be age appropriate and deliver the correct message. He assisted in the purchase of the puppets and all the other production needs. He was our problem solver and he also helped to schedule the events. Most importantly, Matt trained students from the Upper Valley Joint Vocational School, who are enrolled in early childhood education, to do the actual production.”


“We have had great success. There have been over eight performances and everyone has invited us back. We are also getting calls from other preschools to schedule performances with them. In summary, Matt Williams is a great person and a dedicated worker. He goes beyond the boundaries of just doing the job. He cares and he volunteers unselfishly to help others. I cannot say enough good things about this fine young man.”

- David McKay, Chairperson, Domestic Violence Prevention Coalition (2003)

“Matthew Williams is decicated to bringing quality children’s theater to Piqua and surrounding communities. Piqua, OH, is an exurb of Dayton with farm and factory economic bases. Although Piqua is less than thirty miles from Dayton, without Matt’s productions, many children would have no theater experience until the obligatory high school musical. Matt has operated his company’s children’s theater productions in partnership with Edison Community College for the past five years. His work has made a significant impact on participants and audience members. Each of his performances easily draws an audience of 100 or more. The performances are a delight, and at the same time educational in a variety of ways.”

“Matt’s productions involve a couple of adults and a number of children, ages 3 through preteen. Several of the young actors and actresses have expressed interest in theater as a possible career, but the real value of the theater experience Matt provides is in the changes it evokes in the children participants. Matt’s creative genius is in adapting common fairy tales and tales from other cultures. In addition to furnishing key roles to the child performers, these productions are designed to draw children and an occasional adult from the audiences, and to encourage social awareness and independent thinking. One young audience member demonstrated this independent thinking when brought onstage during a performance of How to Pick a Princess, one of Matt’s original scripts. She did not need to marry a prince, asserted the six-year-old, she was going to open her own business!”

“Miami County is not an ethnically diverse area, yet Matt’s productions, which involve his adaptation of legends such as China’s The Monkey King, are pivotal in raising awareness of other cultures in the children, and through them, in adults as well. Matt also taps into other cultures in his basic puppetry workshops, where he teaches the history of puppets from various cultures in entertaining ways that even the youngest can understand. Although he has not completed his degree (Matt is married with two young children), his independent research has made him expert in this area and in the area of fairy tales and legends.”

“The respect that Matt exhibits towards the children with whom he works is felt and appreciated by the children and their parents and is evident in the caring they express toward Matt and each other. He is truly dedicated to his art and the population he serves. Matt has my highest recommendation.”

- Anne Vaccaro, Associate Professor of art, Artistic Director, Edison Stagelight Players (2003)



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