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Never-Neverland Productions

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The Princess and the 3 Task



The Princess and the Three Task

Story by: Richard A Gardner, M.D.
Play by: Matthew Williams


Producer: Matthew Williams

Sets by: Skeeter, Ace, Jason Grigsby, and Matt

New Stage by: Jim Wanzel, Teri Shearer, Dave Drees

Assisted with Painting: Acacia Deitz and her brother.

Special Thanks to Anne Vaccaro
This stage would not had been possible without her vision and her ability to make it so. Thee impossible by her.

Prisilla / Messenger: Allison Shaw

Prisilla / Messenger: Erica Childs

Queen: Heather Barnhart

King: Curtis Heberle

Just Sir Logan: Amy Heberle

Sir Jack the Brave: Acacia Dietz

Sir Johnny the Handsome: Trishanda Borchers

Sir George the Strong: Chris Crabtree

Squire Patsy, Mac and Head Faye: Chastity

Squire Dude: Zach Cooper

Handmaiden: Lindsey Childs

Hamster Scampers / Snakes / Hag / Faye: Danielle Barnhart

Snakes / Hag / Faye: Heather Barnhart


No Cyclops, sea serpents, hags of the forest, giant hamsters, talking snakes, and faeries were hurt in the making of this play.
We want to remind audience members that questing is dangerous and should be left to trained professionals.

Copyright 2001 Mad Matt Productions

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