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Domestic Violence

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Kiddieland Show


Shelby County's
Domestic Violence Prevention Coalition

C/O Catholic Social Services
1201 Fairington Dr. Sidney, Ohio 45365
Phone: 937-498-4593

Funded by the CDC through the Preventive Health and Health Services Block Grant administered by the Ohio Department of Health


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Horrible Hank
Shelby County's Coalition Against Domestic Violence

The Show visits childcares in Shelby County 
Performed by the JVS Childcare Development - Teacher Louise Hill  
9:30am show

Oct 16th - Kiddieland Christian Preschool - DONE

Nov 20th - Kangaroo Pouch Day Care - DONE

Jan 22nd - New Generations - DONE

Feb 12th - Teddy Bears Learn Here - Canceled due to weather

March 12th - Anna Creative Learning Center - DONE

March 26th - Teddy Bears Learn Here - DONE

April 23rd  - Ft. Loramie Day Care Center

More information will be provided when available.
For more information you can contact:
Louise Hill, JVS Early Childhood Development Director  937-778-1980 x223
Julie Maurer, Shelby Social Services,  937-498-4981 x293
Will Bienert, Administrator of  the Coalition,  937-498-4593

Note: If your child care would like one of these shows. We can arrange a visit.



JANUARY 24, 2002


Mary Ann announced that Julie and Matt have spent a tremendous amount of time on the puppet shows. Julie reported to Mary Ann that when we complete this round of shows we will have done the presentation at all the day cares in Shelby County. Julie is working on getting into the Head Start programs in Shelby County. Mary Ann stated that the students from JVS have been wonderful as has their instructor Louise Hill. Matt has pictures on his web site of the last two shows. Matt feels that the show gets better each time. The entire show is subtle and allows the children to know they can talk with someone if they are having problems in their homes. It will also be beneficial for the JVS students for future job contacts. Mary Ann asked Pat Glover from New Choices if she would like to get involved with the presentations.

Dec 2002 Puppet Show:

Matt stated that he worked with the JVS students for a month before the first show.  Julie said the students did a good job and everything went well.  David said that the show was wonderful and feels the show will be very popular as it gives a great message to children.  The next presentation will be November 20, 2002 at the Kangaroo Pouch at 9:30.   Mary Ann asked if someone could video tape the presentation so that Coalition members could view the show at a future meeting.    

Matt and David will take care of taping the show.

Jan 2003:The puppet show was presented yesterday to a group of about 30 children.  The students from the JVS did a super job and the children enjoyed the performance. 

At the present time six (6) shows are scheduled.  Dave wants to explore the possibility of presenting the show to kindergarten classes in the Sidney schools.




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