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Never-Neverland Productions

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Want to Help



Technical skills needed:

Videographer - having a good eye, having taken photo I preferred. We will trade off videographing.

Puppeteers - Will train, wonít expect perfection but will expect personal initiative. I donít want the show looking like a badly done puppet show>I want Muppets. Iím bringing my toys for you to play with I have good (expensive) puppets. I want good puppeteers. I want you to play with my toys good. I donít want to look like bad public access.

Puppets - If you have super puppets. Bring them! I said super puppets, not socko or one of those plastic talking dummies. I reserve the right to veto a puppet. I will show you how to build your own puppet if you desire. I have hundred of patterns and will assist in quality. Which has everything to do with the eyes. If enough people are interested I will have a workshop.

Sets - I have little in the way of sets. I have a space to use at Edison but we might want stuff.

Costumes - I have a lot of costumes, Theater has a lot of costumes, but we can always use more costumes. Enough is never enough.

Computer Animators - If you have done animations that would be appropriate.

Power Point Presentations - Fast moving and relevant presentations that are entertaining.

Flash Presentations - Music videos (Rated G music), Animations, Small shows.

Interviews - Local activities, galleries, shows that are child oriented.

Anything - Just remember the projectís audience is primary children.

What I want

To be completely clear where I am coming from.
I want a collaboration to produce a fun show. My other motives are:

1. Puppetry Guild Scholarships.
2. I want a portfolio I can use.
3. May help in College Scholarships and Applications to special colleges.
4. Some day I want my own television show. I want to be the next Mr. Rogers - Jim Henson. I have to have something to show.
5. Itís no good to do cool stuff if you donít have an audience for it.
6. I wanna play!

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