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Peter Pan


"New to Hayner's summer class schedule was a series of art and theater classes taught by Matt Williams. These classes proved to be very popular with students and parents alike. The bonus of his class structure is that family and friends get to participate by attending the weekend performances. Matt has a wonderful way of introducing his love of theater to children of all ages..." 

- Troy-Hayner Cultural Center in advertising home school classes



Mini plays that the children are included as the actors in them. (Any of the Grimm Fairy Tales)

Our workshops will help you become more articulate in your play and storytelling.  Making hand puppets and showing how to create a show using them. Making mask and then using them. It is just as important to learn how to use the creation as it is to make it. Culture and art are articulated play and we enjoy it if done well. Drums done in a pattern is music while done erratically is noise.

If you have been in one of these workshops or would like to see what one looks like click on one of the buttons on the left column so you can see pictures of the past productions.

While going to go get a drink, we play secret spies.

No one can hear or see us.

Class Schedules


Troy-Hayner Home School Classes
Bring your Princes and Princesses. Get that girl a slipper.  We will go over some basics of acting and then have tryouts and casting for a Cinderella skit. This is the French Version that most people commonly know as the story, similar to the Disney Version. 
January 20-24 @ 10am-noon
Cost: $35

Sleeping Beauty
Bring your Princes and Princesses. We will go over some basics of acting and then have tryouts and casting for a Sleeping Beauty skit. This is based on the Grimm Bros. Version. 
February 3-7 @ 10am-noon
Cost: $35

Art Project: Paper Flowers For Valentines Day
Laotian Origami Tulips
Learn how to make an origami tullip that you have to blow-up like a balloon.
February 11 @ 8pm-9pm

Cost: $ 5.00

Peter Pan
Exerts from the original script by M. Barrie. We learn the language and the story of the original children's play of Peter Pan which was latter adapted in book form. 
March 2-6 @ 10am-noon
Cost: $35

Faerie Tale
Based on the Cottingham Faerie Pictures
The story of Faerie Pictures that caused the Victorian Faerie Movement. Two young girls one who has lost her older brother to childhood illness and the other whose father is off to war take pictures of faeries with a single reflex camera.  These faerie pictures touch off the Victorian Faerie Movement  which brought such men as  Sir  Walter Scott  writer of Sherlock Holmes  to say the pictures were authentic and wrote an entire book dedicated to Faeries. The great escape artist, Harry Houdini investigated and came to the conclusion that their was no malicious deception here. 
March 16-20 @ 10am-noon
Cost: $35

Art Project: Leprechaun Trap
Constructing a Trap for catching real Leprechauns!
Bring a shoe box.
March 17 @ 8pm-9pm
Cost: $10

Basic Puppetry
Puppets come to your Cultural Center to sing and dance. Will learn basic puppetry, lip-sync, and breathing techniques. Learn how to put life into limp inanimate objects.
Bring in your favorite vocal CD and Kitchen Utensil (Nothing Sharp).

First day: Kitchen Utensils can talk.
Second day: Socko sings opera.
Third day: Hand and Mouth puppets have life.
Fourth Day: Work on the show.
Then on Saturday we will perform and show family and friends what we have been working on. 
April 20-24 @ 10am-noon
Cost: $35

Art Project: Building a Flying Pofinenhimer
Making a Puppet
We will have various materials to use to make a fluffy poofinhimer, the only problem is, we don't know exactly what one is! Come and find out!
April 21 @ 7pm-9pm
Cost: $20

Art Project: Wanga Golemn
Making a Puppet
What's a Wanga Golemn? They're puppets from the Indoneian Island of Bali. Students will create rod puppets with dowl rods and fabric and participate in Hindu storytelling. 
April 22 @ 7pm-9pm
Cost: $25

Art Project: Gingerbread Men
Making a Puppet

We will cut out and "frost" our own gingerbread man, then stuff him and make a rod puppet out of him. 
April 28 @ 6:30pm-9pm
Cost: $15

Bring your Millerís Daughter and short little man.  We will go over some basics of acting and then have tryouts and casting for a RumpleStiltskin skit.
May 25-29 @10am-noon
Cost: $35

Art Project: Make a Miniature Stage
Students will create a miniature play theater that can be used with cutout dolls or small finger puppets by using scissors and glue to create the theater.
May 26 @ 7-8pm
Cost: $25

For descriptions of classes click on  Workshops

Gateway Arts5:45pm-7:45pm
Ages 5 and older
$35 per student

Pending planning.

For descriptions of classes click on  Workshops

Edison Community (Piqua & Greenville, OH)
College for Kids
$45.00 per student

Pending planning.

Troy-Hayner Cultural Center

Troy-Hayner Cultural Center
301 W. Main St.
Troy, Ohio 45373


Edison Community College

Edison Community College
1973 Edison Dr.
Piqua, Ohio 45356
Ph#: 937-778-8600

Edison - Greenville Campus
601 Wagner Ave.
Greenville, Oh 45331
Ph#: 937-548-5546


Gateway Arts

Gateway Arts Council
Cameo Theater
304 S. West Ave.
P.O. Box 14
Sidney, Ohio 45365



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